A custom version of Achille Castiglioni’s Snoopy lamp on display at Sotheby’s last year. Jony Ive made this lamp with a red shade as it was part of Ive’s charity auction for Product Red.
Getty Images/John Moore
Ivan Trifonov, 70, descended into Mamet Cave, on Velebit Mountain in Croatia, before ascending back above ground. The cave is 675ft deep with a 200ft opening at the top. The flight took around 25 minutes to complete, using specially designed balloon. Instead of a basket Trifinov sat in a small steel frame, perched above twin gas tanks.

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Pink sunrise in Sur / Oman | by anjči
A Palestinian boy uses a torch outside his family’s destroyed house as others light a fire in the east of Gaza City
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(via 500px / Baobab tree by Pierre-Yves Babelon)

Racing Cat
Angkor Wat

Dassault Super Mystère

Norman Bel Geddes Motorcar No. 9. 1932.